Broken (Three O')Clock

It's a Cutouts Gone Wild! kind of day

Broken (Three O')Clock
Even a broken clock is... well, never mind

Writing today's post under an Extreme Time Crunch, so I'm going to give you the very brief version of how this came together:

  1. Back in the filesharing era, I somehow became acquainted with the Three O'Clock via their song "When She Becomes My Girl"
  2. At the time, any and all Three O'Clock albums were way out of print, so "When She Becomes My Girl" — which I love — was the only one of their songs I knew for years
  3. Other Three O'Clock albums have since been restored to circulation, but not 1988's Vermillion, from which "When She Becomes My Girl" first sprung
  4. I was recently reminded of all this, and decided to purchase a copy of Vermillion even though I'm well aware of its status as the red-headed stepchild of the Three O'Clock discography
  5. I ripped Vermillion with every intention of sharing a glorious lost classic with you — because again, "When She Becomes My Girl" is great
  6. I listened to it
  7. It actually kind of sucks
  8. It's coming up on 9 o'clock, which is late for any post, but especially one about the Three O'Clock [studio audience laughs]
  9. I'm stuck for a post for today, so I'm just going to present this album to you anyway and let you judge for yourself
  10. Please see this lengthy and quite informative Popdose interview with the Vermillion lineup (which included a baby Jason Falkner!) for more information
The Three O’
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