New Music Friday: 4/26/24

And Lo, for the New Music was empty of Friday, and void. And Darkness was all over the Face of the Deep. And We said: 'Look at that fucker dance"

New Music Friday: 4/26/24
If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself

Here are the rules: I listen to all 100 tracks of Spotify's New Music Friday playlist, except for anything that rhymes the n-word with itself more than three times, any screamo or screamo-adjacent stuff, any CCM that reveals its true intentions in time for me to hit the skip button, and any egregiously corny modern country music, typically performed by a dude with two first names. Having sifted through this week's playlist, here's what I actively enjoyed:

"Love Me JeJe," Tems
Tems' bio boasts that she's "single-handedly redefining the Nigerian music scene one musical note at a time," which seems a little unlikely based on this particular song — but even if it isn't redefining anything, it's still a purely pleasurable listen, from Tems' alluringly distracted-sounding vocals to the way the rat-a-tat-tatting percussion plays off the bouncy bass. A declaration of love that delightfully distills the synapse-rattling buzz of falling for someone.