Yes, I’m still here, even though this space hasn’t been updated since October, due to a glitch between my WordPress installation and Twitter Tools (one which I haven’t been able to fix no matter what I do, so I’m giving up). After a year of forwarding this URL to Popdose, I reactivated Jefitoblog because, although I’m always writing for one site or another, there’s always stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else — mostly observations and remembrances that I think are either too personal or too brief to post at Popdose.

Problem is, I’m always writing…and when I’m not, it’s usually because I’ve reached the point where trying to think of things to say feels like scooping out my brain with a melon baller. I just need to stop for awhile and recharge. As a result, Jefitoblog has developed a thick coat of dust, mostly forgotten, while I’m off earning a living and trying to turn Popdose into a favorite destination for awesome people everywhere.

I haven’t given up, though, and if you’re reading this, I appreciate you not giving up either. I’m still not sure exactly what I’m going to do with this space, but I have some ideas…